Welcome to Number Wine

Frédéric Vigroux, Founder & Managing Partner, Wine Consultant
About us

NumberWine  is a family company staffed by wine graduates, which selects and imports wines to meet the needs of its local clients and simplify the creation of their wine lists. We also provide consulting in sommellerie (wine-waiting) and wine tasting for Horeca, special events and companies.

Being a small structure allows us to have in our selection in exclusivity for Romania a range of great wines made by small producers, and remain completely independent in our selection. We are not linked to any group and big brands that forces us to sell wines produced in millions of bottles per year and can therefore propose wines that we like, and consider of real interest for amateurs.

All products wares are imported via a rigorous process to ensure that the quality of the wine is perfectly preserved, with bottles maintained in perfect conditions to safeguard aromas and structure.

To make sure that our clients are never left short, NumberWine  has a permanent stock of 7,000 bottles deliverable the following afternoon as soon as an order is placed.

Director’s words

“Wine is ‘une histoire d’amour’, which is why pleasure must always govern the choice. I started NumberWine with my father and a friend, consultant in Hospitality management, who both share my passion and commitment to bringing people the best wines, based on quality, originality and price. Because the world of wine can be baffling, I wanted to get personally involved in the company, to advise our clients – not simply recommend a wine to them because ‘it is good’, but because it meets their specific needs or tastes, and not sell them an expensive AOC if a cheaper wine from Languedoc will better match the dish they have in mind. In the end, I wanted to select wine to simplify our client’s purchase and avoid them hours of sourcing.   It is in the same spirit of sharing and understanding wine that we came up with the idea of hosting wine-tasting sessions, to let anyone discover a region or grape at a decent price. Having tasted thousands of wines and graduated with an international WSET III certificate, I wanted to bring some of my passion to these wine-tasting sessions, to discuss with and help everybody, from the beer drinker to the enthusiastic novice, to enjoy comparing aromas and learn to love wine as it should be: without showing off and pretentiousness, but with pleasure and simplicity.   I learned to love wine in my grandfather’s cellar, drinking my first Côtes-du-Rhône in Marseille,  bargaining over a few bottles with the winemakers from my village in Burgundy, tasting my first German Riesling with my father, and studying the richness of the new world during my time at university in London. My love of wine developed surrounded by people, over a bottle of Beaujolais with friends, a grand cru of my master E.De Montille in Volnay, or a simple bottle of Rosé de Provence in a modest roadside restaurant on holidays. Bringing some of the richness of the men and terroirs to all, so that everyone can share a moment of happiness with others –this is the philosophy of NumberWine .” Frédéric Vigroux, WSET III Certified Managing Partner of NumberWine

Ethics & Philosohpy

To meet our commitment in terms of quality, diversity and prices, we have a clear code that governs our selection procedures. We have REAL values and a certain conception of our business, here are our engagements

Consulting over selling:

As with every business, customer satisfaction is crucial to maintain sales, but unlike other businesses, we sell taste and pleasure. This is why all the members of the NumberWine team must have a complete education in wine and wine-tasting[1] before they are appointed Wine Consultant and can put the NumberWine logo on their business card. We don’t believe wine can be sold like hammers, but instead strive to recommend wines corresponding to YOUR personal taste, or to meet your specific needs. Every consultant must therefore be able to demonstrate his/her knowledge before becoming a NumberWine Consultant who will suggest the perfect wine for your taste and budget.


To remain free of influence and highly selective, we have chosen to avoid any commercial pressure by refusing to sign specific agreements with the producers we work with. This protects us from any obligation to sell a vintage or a range that we consider substandard. Our only obligation is to our taste.

Ratings and selection:

The wines we select are not always rated, as we believe that ratings inflate the price of a wine. Moreover, we are wary of ratings as they are often given by non-Europeans whose culinary habits do not correspond with European ones (does Parker eat a lot of sarmale in California?!). So we prefer to select wines according to their quality, based on soils, grape characteristics and the vinification process. As a result, all our wines are of high quality and reviewed only from a qualitative and – as far as possible – objective point of view. This allows us to put our name and logo to quality wines.


As a sign of our commitment and to guide you in your wine selection, NumberWine is proud to put its logo on every bottle that we import. When you see this logo you can be sure that the wine contained in the bottle has been tasted, selected, and carried following a rigorous process.

[1] All our team members have experience in the wine industry and a certain level of knowledge in wine and wine-tasting before getting the position of Consultant, which allows us to remain among the top Romanian companies in the wine industry.