NumberWine can assist you in everything concerning wine, from sourcing the product to the opening of the bottle. “Making wine selling simple” is the first commitment of NumberWine for professionals.

Sommelerie & wine-list creation service

1 – We recommend a selection with a description of 4 wines to 28 wines based on your needs.

2 – We deliver in Bucharest in a maximum of six hours following payment.

3 – We train your team to wine service free of charge (for restaurants only).

Free training for your waiters

A selection tailored to your specific needs

Quality wine selected by an independent consultant

Competitive prices thanks to direct import from the producers

Buy by box of six, so no need to tie money up in stock.

No need to change and reprint your current wine list

No need to change suppliers and wines you already have in stock

One Invoice for several references

Order in the morning and pay later

Training service

The NumberWine team of consultants places importance on helping your staff sell more, but also, and above all, sell better. Offering the perfect wine to match the dish your customer wants requires understanding of what wine is and the great combinations of food and wines. This is why we always offer free training to the waiters of our new clients to introduce them to the world of wine: selling, serving, advising and tasting. Besides this free training, several other courses can be organised in collaboration with the consultant’s partners (professors in hospitality management and experienced professionals from top hotels and resorts) in the hospitality industry to run for one or two days. Three different training themes are on offer for people working in the wine industry (waiters, merchants, marketers, buyers, managers etc.). To learn more about these training courses, please contact